MSLP Analysis and Prognosis charts from Meteorology and Oceanography Centre, Northwood, London, UK. GYA

Surface analysis charts for VT 00z 06z 12z 18z UTC. Normally published VT xx plus 2 to 4 hours.
Prognosis t+xx . . vt 1200z charts are published once each day. Normally published between 1700z and 1900z UTC.

T+24 T+48 T+72 T+96 T+120


Previous 24 Hours MSLP Analyses Charts from Northwood, London, UK . . GYA


MSLP Analysis (Northwood, London, UK - GYA)


500mb-1000mb Thickness and Geopotential Height Analysis


Surface Prognosis T+24


Surface Prognosis T+48


Surface Prognosis T+72


Surface Prognosis T+96


Surface Prognosis T+120




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