This webpage has domain name and is hosted with which I highly reccomend..

The main operational website server for is hosted with

As domain is active with, the domain name has been used for web hosting with

All essential PHP scripts are run on the web hosting server for (

Please continue to use

Thank you.


PS. Just in case any essential PHP scripts experience executing problems with Hostgator - which is very unlikely, a dedicated spare laptop running apache server / php has been setup as a php script execution backup.

The laptop server can also run standalone emulating

URL for this is

Currently, and most of the time, the laptop server is switched off and the above URL is either disabled or will give web page not found.
Only both the laptop server and the alternative URL are brought into use when the hosted server has prolonged downtime (rare, but is has happened)

The laptop server tasks include:-

cron jobs - timed execution of php scripts.
checking if latest charts are available from the UK Met Office.
image processing of new charts into a format viewable by web browsers..
uploading to the hosted web server new charts (if hosted server is online). +++++This is currently disabled+++++
UKMOMSLP charts via URL